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CNC Turning Lathe

Honeoye Falls, Monroe County, New York
Our CNC Lathe Can Produce Oversize Turnings

CNC means Computer Numerical Control. This means a computer converts the design into numbers which the computer uses to control the cutting and shaping of material.  Our lathe capabilities are 48" diameter for short (faceplate type, ie, column base) turnings and 42"  x 24' between centers, for columns, etc.  Since it is CNC controlled, parts can be fabricated to match existing column sections that are out of round, fluted, have spirals or other irregular shapes.  (We had an inquiry about making a 5' tall soft serve ice cream cone, and that would be no trouble once we figure out how to preserve it long enough to scan it. 

Objects can be scaled up or down easily from existing computer models or scans of real objects.  Those scan files can be edited in other ways and features can be added or deleted. CNC routing capacity is 48 x 96 x 12" deep with additional depth available with minor modifications to the machine table.  Also, large pieces can be "sliced" with software and manufactured in smaller pieces, then put together after carving.


This CNC router has the capacity to produce oversized or irregular turnings.

This CNC router has the capacity to produce oversized or irregular turnings.
CNC router, closeup, router and controls.

CNC router, closeup, router and controls.
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